Morpher Data Chain Demo 1

Oracle Callback and TX Subsidization

In this recorded zoom call you will see a recorded developer demo of the Morpher Data Chain. In particular there are 2 properties which we're actively working on and showcasing.

1. The Oracle functionality with same-block callback transaction injection.

A sample data provider is providing data from the binance websocket API to a blockchain node, which allows for dat pushing. It then forwards the ticks data to the current validator node. The validator node is listening on the protocol level for a certain event from an oracle smart contract and can include the last tick directly in the same block as a callback.

2. Third Party Transaction Payment Subsidization

On Morpher-Data-Chain it will be possible to subsidize transaction payments from smart contracts. That is, a transaction payment is deferred to the smart contract that is covering the gas costs for the transaction. Which is useful for onboarding new users and allowing them to interact with your own smart contracts while they have no native gas tokens in their account so far, but still maintaining the economics for validators and participants of the chain.

Video Demo

Checkout the video below to see this in action!

What’s next on the Agenda?

Currently the Morpher Data Chain is a rough prototype, that’s out of the question. What we would like to achieve next is the compensation of data providers through smart contracts. So, if a smart contract requests a tick, the provider of that tick data actually gets compensated.

Furthermore, we’re exploring right now the limits of the chain. We might have a running demo for you to play around before Christmas (no promises though, building a new sidechain is tough!)

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