Morpher Data Chain

The Blockchain for

Decentralized Real-Time Tick-Level Data with Ultra-Fast Block Time, Transaction Price Predictability and Post-Ex Transaction Fee Calculation.

Web3 for Enterprises

The core problems we solve to make Ethereum, Blockchains and Web3 accessible for Enterprises

Fast Block Mining Time

The Morpher Data Chain will settle blocks in 1 second, which allows for a real-time user experience. Initially it will run 14x more TPS than Ethereum with further performance enhancements planned.

Predictable Transaction Pricing

Transactions will cost less than on other Layer 2 Blockchains with predictable long term cost priced in USD. The Protocol will support 3rd party transaction payment, similar to Gas-Station-Network functionality.

Real-Time Data Oracles built-in

Data will be readily available, directly on chain, in real-time with undelayed tick-level precision. Data Providers are commissioned in USD through Smart Contract logic on chain.

Accessible for Everyone

We want to build the Morpher Data Chain for us and for everyone. We think we're not alone with the Problems we try to solve. We build it in the open. For us. For you. For everyone.

The Data and Finance Chain

Built by developers, for serious business

Hear how Morpher Data Chain transforms the Blockchain landscape for Enterprises and Financial Businesses around the world

Test the Morpher Data-Chain in only 5 Steps.

You can either Bridge Test-USD from a Test-Network to the Morpher Data-Chain, Unbridge the Test-USD back to your Test-Network or try a fully interactive Demo-Trade aka. Kitchensink.

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